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Getting Sick on a Cruise: Can You Sue?

What happens if you get sick while on a cruise? Is there any legal liability on the part of the cruise line? Was the cruise line negligent and was their negligence the cause of your illness?  These are the legal

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Theme Park Lawsuits

Summer is the time for fun with family and friends. Many people venture to amusement parks, including water parks, to share thrills, food, and good times. However, despite their allure, these parks also present hidden dangers. Negligent operations, poor maintenance,

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Defective Medical Equipment Liability

Thousands of people are injured in hospitals each year. Some of these injuries are the direct result of faulty medical equipment or equipment that is improperly maintained or operated. If you are injured while in the hospital because of defective

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Slander Lawsuits

You often hear people casually announce they plan to sue someone for slander, but suing for slander is not a casual matter. In fact, slander is a serious allegation referring to the spoken defamation of someone’s character. As such, the

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False Practitioners Beware – Laser Hair Law on Rise

Laser hair removal in the U.S. has trended into that of a common procedure since its early advertising days 20 years back. So popular in fact, that many entrepreneurs aren’t even using professional physicians to perform the surgery. What’s scarier

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Do’s and Don’ts After an Accident

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Commission there were 2.24 million car crashes with injuries in 2010. That is a very big number and if we were to add the total number of car crashes without injuries the number

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Doctors Avoid Responsibility for Malpractice

Many doctors have decided that patients should have no right to hold them accountable for even blatant malpractice. Dr. Jacques Farkas appears to be such a doctor. During a back operation, he failed to protect his patient’s spinal nerves. His

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Doctor Malpractice

When visiting a medical professional, you expect the best care to be provided without the worry of mistakes which may lead to injury or complications. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. When doctor negligence causes injury, medical malpractice litigation

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Distracted Driving Costs

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has statistics which indicate that hundreds of thousands of people are injured and thousands are killed each year due to a distracted driver. While 38 states have made it illegal to use a

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Dental Malpractice: Time In The Chair Goes Awry

Going to the dentist is often an upsetting and nerve-wracking experience. Whether it is fear of cavities, reliving past trauma, or simply the uncomfortable nature of someone poking around in your mouth, few of us look forward to our dental

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