Orlando Burn Injuries Lawyer

Orlando Burn Injuries Lawyer

Recovery For Your Physical & Emotional Pain

Burns are one of the most common injuries in the United States, with an estimated 1.25 million victims per year. Burns can range from mild sunburn to scalds from hot liquids to painful, disfiguring third-degree incidents, resulting in extensive medical and rehabilitative costs. Burn injuries stem from a variety of sources including car accidents, gas explosions, electrical fires, and exposure to dangerous chemicals.

Many burn injuries are preventable. Companies must act more responsibly to prevent gas explosions, chemical mishaps, code violations, and other activities that cause burns. For example, at Florida Trial MD, we have handled cases in which innocent families were exposed to gas leaks in their homes and commercial establishments that were preventable if those responsible had followed the building codes. In such cases, the negligent party must be held responsible.

Recovery from burn injuries is costly. Medical and therapy expenses can mount, making the provision of needed care an additional burden to the emotional and mental anguish you and your family already suffer. Our attorneys have the experience necessary to help you obtain a proper settlement and to recover your legal, medical, and financial health. If you or a loved one is a burn victim, please call us today to schedule a consultation to help us meet your needs.

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