Car Accident Follows School Party

A parent’s nightmare- you allow your children to go to a school party thinking there will be proper adult supervision. Instead, alcohol was served and two teenagers are permitted to leave the party impaired. On their way home, the teen driver loses control and strikes a tree, splitting the car in two. The car accident kills one teen and leaves the other brain-damaged.

This tragedy led to both a civil trial and criminal charges against some of the participants. At the civil trial, which resulted in a verdict against the school and affiliated church, there were allegations that the school principal knew about the party beforehand and visited the home while it was going on. The evidence also included a party flier depicting a whiskey bottle which was distributed at school.

As Orlando car accident lawyers, it was even more disturbing that school provided all of its families with a written statement that it would notify police if it became aware of illegal activities by students. Certainly, parents had an expectation that this school would not knowingly allow alcohol to be served to minors at a school function. Yet investigators of this needless alcohol-related car accident found the remains of a car driven at perhaps 100 mph- with halves of the car coming to rest on opposite sides of the median. Indeed, the car accident was so bad that the medical examiner never determined who was driving.

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