Car Accident Lawyer in Orlando Wins Back Injury Trial

Orlando Car accident? Prior back injury? Prior neck injury? Prior workers compensation claim? How will the injury to your neck or back before the car accident effect your chances? Can you win at trial following a car accident – a rear-end collision that was NOT your fault if you had a back or neck injury Before the car accident?

As Orlando car accident lawyers, we successfully tried another car accident case and won more than $500,000 for a hard-working man who had NOT one, but 2 prior back injuries and NOT one but 2 prior back SURGERIES and claimed “the new car accident made things WORSE.” Before he asked us to represent him, he had been offered $15,000…not even enough to cover his out-of-pocket expenses in the years the car insurance company dragged its feet. So, he expected little from us, BUT, he had hope and felt thankful that we would try to help.

Working with the finest doctors in physical medicine and rehabilitation and neurosurgery, we took on the insurance company and its lawyers. We never lost sight of our client’s right to be treated fairly. Our client soon came to understand that our firm is NOT like any other. We take few cases, dedicate our team to thoroughly obtain every positive medical fact to fully develop the real damages. We do NOT just settle for whatever the insurance company wants to pay. Our client thankfully got to a law firm of real trial lawyers. Not some foolish, tv advertisers pretending to be aggressive, or willing to go to trial. WE DO GO TO TRIAL when our clients are not treated fairly by insurance companies. RECENT RESULT- $15,000 offer to our client – JURY AWARD – In Excess of One Half Million Dollars!

We believe YOU deserve that kind of lawyer. Do NOT let anyone tell you that due to your prior back injury or prior neck injury or prior back surgery, that your claim has no value. Get as far away from those people as quickly as you can.

Everyone involved in an Orlando car accident wants to hire the BEST auto accident attorney, the most ethical and one recognized by The Florida Bar as a SPECIALIST.
As Orlando car accident lawyers, we provide our clients with the advantage of a Medical Doctor/Lawyer, a Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer and a Critical Care Nurse. Our expertise in medicine and law puts our clients on a level playing field when taking on insurance companies.

We have achieved one of the largest verdicts in the United States. As we have shared with other lawyers, our secret is limiting the number of cases we handle so that we are always prepared to go to trial. Insurance companies know which lawyers try cases and which do not.

As our clients understand, a legal claim is a difficult, stressful situation. By communicating regularly with our clients we keep them up-to-date on both the medical and legal aspects of their Orlando car accident case. Well-informed clients suffer less anxiety during the legal process and can better assist us.

If you need assistance after an Orlando car accident, do what many have already done: Order a free copy of the Florida Car Accident Book, Seeking Justice: An Insider’s Guide for the Injured. If someone has been involved in an accident, it is a great place to start.

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