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Florida Trial MD's Results Speak for Themselves:

$100,000 Awarded - Rear End Collision (Client's injuries worsened after the accident)

$500,000 Awarded by Judge - Client Was Rear-Ended on Highway I-95

$30,000,000 Jury Verdict - Wrongful Death of a Child

$4,500,000 Award - Client's Eye Surgery Went Wrong (insurance made 'insulting offer')

$2,000,000 Aggregate Award to the Survivors - Our Fight Against a Drunk Driver's Reckless Accident

$480,000 Jury Verdict Earned - Insurance Company Offered Only $15,000

$150,000 Awarded - Client fell on Broken Concrete Floor at a Restaurant- FL Trial MD's Investigation Revealed the Facts

Orlando Car Accident Lawyers Won't Settle For Less
When It Comes To Getting You The Most
Our Orlando lawyers understand the impact that a car accident can have on your life. We have seen terrible injury, damage; and, at times, the tragic loss of life from a crash. We understand your struggles and concerns as you try to heal and get back your losses. There are special laws and procedures in these automobile cases that govern the recovery of medical expenses, lost wages and, where there is serious injury or death - pain and suffering damages. You deserve full and fair compensation so it is important to contact a well-qualified Orlando car accident attorney that can navigate your claim. At Florida Trial MD, we have successfully settled and tried auto cases; and, we are prepared to help you. It's time to settle your Orlando car accident quickly. If you are hurt and have any questions, please complete the free case evaluation form on this page. An attorney who specializes in this area of law will review your situation and get back to you promptly. There is absolutely no cost or obligation for this service.
I appreciate you spending so much time with me. It was scary after my accident, but you walked me through the process. You and your staff made me feel like part of your family... I found your office to be warm and homey...
*Before deduction for attorney’s fees and expenses. Most cases result in a lower recovery. It should not be assumed that your case will have as beneficial a result.

Getting Full Value For Your Claim With An Orlando Car Accident Attorney

Car Insurance adjusters are trained professionals who work to save their company money. They attend classes and study techniques to minimize the value of automobile claims. If you have no experience making or negotiating an injury claim, your best chance to receive all the insurance benefits to which you are entitled is to hire an experienced legal team. A board certified civil trial lawyer that has achieved a level of success and a recognition earned by less than 2% of all Florida lawyers gives you an advantage. Your case is important so call Florida Trial MD at 844-FL TRIAL MD and let our knowledgeable attorneys and staff help you.

Florida No Fault, Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Laws

Florida’s “No-Fault Law” requires car owners to maintain minimum levels of auto insurance, including Personal Injury Protection. PIP requires your auto insurance company to pay for 80% of your medical bills and 60% of lost wages, up to certain limits, no matter who was at fault. While this was intended to lower insurance costs and limit the number of car accident lawsuits, this may not provide enough insurance benefits to cover hospital bills, doctor bills, lost earnings; and, will not cover your property damage. This insurance also does not cover damages for pain, suffering and mental anguish. In fact, in an auto case, you cannot claim pain and suffering type damages unless you satisfy other requirements. To recover these additional damages, you must suffer (1) a permanent injury, (2) significant scarring, (3) loss of a bodily function, or (4) death. As you can see, these claims can quickly become complex. At Florida Trial MD, an experienced trial lawyer will speak with every client, obtain all the details to properly prepare the case and help you obtain all benefits allowed by law. Our goal is to ensure you are treated fairly and that you receive every dollar to which you are entitled. Call us now at 844-FL TRIAL MD to learn how we can help, or fill out our Free Evaluation Form on this page.

How Your Injury Influences Your Recovery

When you suffer a significant or permanent injury, we will help you obtain compensation beyond what is available through PIP insurance. That is why it is important to obtain a thorough medical evaluation and to receive medical attention from the best doctors available. When a car crash causes: • Spinal injury • Nerve damage • Brain injury • Significant scarring • Disfigurement • Permanent orthopedic injury; or • Other permanent injury You can recover for the impact these injuries have had on your life in the past and will have in the future. While no amount of money can actually replace your good health, it can help provide for your care, rehabilitation and financial losses.

Preparing To Defeat Insurance Company Defenses

When your injury and medical needs exceed your PIP benefits, you have the right to bring a legal claim against the at fault driver. To do so, our attorneys would prepare by gathering important car accident information. While we treat each case uniquely, this may include: Photographs of the vehicles The damage to the vehicles can be evidence of both liability or who was at fault; and, how significant the impact. Insurance companies will try to downplay your injury from any accident so this is vital evidence to obtain. Scene Photographs These may prove important to document skid marks or their absence in cases where the other driver denies fault. They also demonstrate the amount of road debris and can cause the insurance adjuster and, if necessary, a jury to better “feel and experience” the crash. Injury Photos Bruises, cuts, skin discoloration, sutures, surgical scars and swelling should be documented. At times a seatbelt or shoulder harness will leave marks on your body that support the fact it was in use. Hospital and Medical Records and Bills Your medical records are necessary to prove the extent of your injury caused by the accident. It is important that you properly disclose all the symptoms that you are experiencing. At times, you may report a symptom that is not documented or you may not experience certain pains until hours or days after the crash. In those circumstances, it is important to properly report to your doctor on a follow up visit when that pain first began. It is also wise to disclose any part of your body that struck the interior of the car. Police Report Under Florida law, police officers responding to a scene of a car crash are required to prepare certain documents or reports. A driver exchange of information will include the names and contact information for the drivers any auto insurance companies. A short crash form will include additional information regarding the scene and the wreck. A long form, if used, will include the most information about the parties, scene and crash circumstances. Often, that document contains a diagram prepared by the responding law enforcement officer which visually recreates the scene and location of the vehicles at both the point of impact and at final rest. Speak to Witnesses People who were with you or who witnessed the incident can offer crucial testimony regarding who caused the accident and how severe the crash. Case outcome can turn on the testimony of bystanders. Often, these individuals have no relationship to the parties and so their words are given much weight and credibility. Experts There are times when individuals with specialized knowledge in accident reconstruction, road design, lighting or biomechanics can help with car claims. This is especially true when the other driver denies fault or the insurance company tries to minimize your injury. While there may be more issues to be addressed and other evidence to be considered, we strive to aggressively gather all available information to combat insurance company tactics. By preparing right from the start as if we are going to trial, our lawyers give you the best opportunity for a successful settlement or trial result.

Working With Your Attorney

Our clients are considered an important part of our team. By speaking with your lawyer and communicating all your concerns, difficulties and the details of your case, we become a strong force together. We will teach you all about the important issues involved and how to properly address them. After you speak with your lawyer and evidence is gathered, your claim will be presented in the most persuasive manner to the insurance company. We prepare to address every excuse or attempt to defeat or reduce your claim. When the adjuster learns we are involved and ready to move forward, often our clients receive a full and fair settlement amount. In consultation with your attorney, if you decide to accept such an offer – that will end your claim. However, if the amount offered is inadequate, your Florida Trial MD lawyer will discuss your options with you, including the filing your lawsuit. Aggressive, prompt attention and action is what your case demands.

Additional Insurance For Your Claim

There are times when your auto benefits are exhausted and you have more medical expenses than your PIP insurance limits AND the bodily injury limits of the other driver that caused your wreck. In those situations, we may make an Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Insurance claim for you. This UM claim is intended to provide you with any additional monies to which you are entitled up to the limits of your UM coverage. These claims involve special Florida laws and so it is often necessary to have the guidance of well-qualified, experienced auto accident attorneys to obtain proper benefits. For example, no agreement can be made with the at-fault driver’s insurance, without the written consent of your insurance company. Otherwise, you may forfeit or waive your Uninsured Motorist coverage. Of course, once you contact our office, we handle all these details for you.

Injury Lawsuit and Actions For All Your Losses

Negligence Accident lawsuits usually involve claims of negligence or careless behavior on the part of the other driver. The first element of any claim is proving that the person that hit your vehicle was careless. This can often be shown by showing a violation of a traffic law or a failure to keep a proper lookout. For example, say the individual who hit you was texting while driving. Frequently, rear-end crashes occur because the other party followed too closely. Road Design This claim or lawsuit involves cases where the street, highway or expressway may have contributed to the wreck. At times at bridge, embankment, guardrail, road surface or other structure may have been poorly designed, constructed or maintained - making it unsafe. There may be poor signage or traffic control that result in foreseeable driver confusion. These incidents may involve city, county or state governments, as well as private development or road construction companies. Vehicle Design There are incidents when your car, truck or SUV failed to operate in a safe manner. Where vehicle design or defects cause or contribute to your injury or loss of a family member, the automaker may be responsible. You should expect a seatbelt, shoulder harness and air bags to work properly. Likewise, you should be able to rely on your brakes, tires and vehicular stability. If there is a failure, for example, of an air bag to deploy the driver and/or passenger may suffer otherwise avoidable consequences. You deserve to have all of these claims and lawsuit options evaluated promptly. Once the necessary parties responsible for your injury or the death of a loved are determined, your claim or lawsuit should be certain to include all proper elements of damages. For injury claims, the availability of a lawyer that is also a medical doctor can help uncover things that others may miss. Often, injury can be subtle or overlooked. However, with the Florida Trial MD advantage you can confidently seek full recovery – everything to which you and your family may be entitled.

Additional Damages You May Recover

When you are injured and satisfy the NO Fault Threshold, you can recover for your burns, scars, loss of function, loss of limbs, paralysis, spinal cord injury, whiplash, neck, mid-back, low back, head and brain injury. Specifically, Florida law permits money damages for your non-economic losses. These include your pain and suffering, mental anguish, loss of enjoyment of life – in the past and to be experienced in the future. In addition to these non-economic damages, you may claim all past and future medical expenses and wage loss. If you are married, your spouse may have a claim for loss of consortium. That claim seeks to consider the impact the accident had on your marital relationship. At Florida Trial MD, we stand ready to fully evaluate your claim at no cost to you by simply filling out the online form on this page.

Orlando Car Crash Lawyers Handle A Variety of Accident Claims

These personal injury claims arise from front impact, head-on wrecks, sideswipe impact, rollovers, reckless driving, drunk driving, DUI, DWI, rear-end crashes, multi-car wrecks - and have certain things in common. From our experience, our client usually did not expect it, did nothing to cause it and their life has been effected. The longer you wait to contact a well-qualified lawyer, the greater the likelihood that important evidence may be lost or the insurance company may be able to minimize the value of your claim. Call us now at 844-FL TRIAL MD (844-358-7425) to learn how we can help, or fill out our Free Evaluation Form on this page.
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