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Motorcycle Accidents- Riding the Risks

Motorcycles do not come without risk. Riding them can be very dangerous, and they are not for everyone. However, motorcycles are well-equipped to handle any threat on the road, and it’s easy to stay safe if you follow certain procedures

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Why Hire a Car Accident Attorney?

The majority of personal injury claims in the U.S. stem from motor vehicle accidents. Accidents that result in minor vehicle damage can be managed through direct contact with an insurance company. However, car accidents that involve physical harm or significant

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Fire My Lawyer?

As specialists in Orlando car accident cases, we have people call or email, asking “Can I fire my car accident lawyer?” These individuals have been unable to speak to their lawyer, or have no idea what is happening with their

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Settle Your Orlando Car Accident Quickly!

Have You Been Injured in a Car Accident Recently? If you have been in an Orlando car accident you need a lawyer who has already achieved multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts. You do NOT need a slick lawyer making empty promises.

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Uncovering Justice – Car Accident Information

How FL Trial MD Makes a Difference We work to uncover the truth in our Orlando car accident cases and expose dangerous choices by those drivers who injury or kill innocent people. For more information on how to find an

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Orlando Auto Accident Doctor & Car Accident Clinic

If you need to see a doctor after an Orlando auto accident, but you do not have insurance, where should you go? If you have insurance, but you do not have an orthopedic doctor, or a pain management doctor, who

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Orlando Auto Accident Attorney Tackles Back & Neck Injury Claims

Why do Orlando auto accidents often cause back and neck injury? What should Orlando auto accident attorneys do to understand the causes of continuing back and neck pain? As my partner, a medical doctor and attorney, Walter Ward, MD/JD, has

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Orlando Car Accident Lawyer Recognized for Auto Accident Information

The Florida Bar Board of Legal Specialization has recognized the Orlando Car Accident Lawyer Blog as an excellent source for auto accident information –especially when it comes to choosing a Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer. Of course, everyone involved in

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Medical Care Following Car Accidents

The Insurance Journal has reported that 25% of automobile accidents resulted in bodily injury claims in 2003. In a 2004 study from Trends In Auto Injury Claims it found continued increases in personal injury claims. Yet, records indicate that many

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Car Accidents Caused by Text Messaging

Text messaging by drivers is legal even though research has found that it increases the chance of accidents. As Orlando car accident lawyers, we encounter this kind of negligence frequently. When people engage in multitasking, they lose the ability to

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