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Motorcycle Accidents- Riding the Risks

Motorcycles do not come without risk. Riding them can be very dangerous, and they are not for everyone. However, motorcycles are well-equipped to handle any threat on the road, and it’s easy to stay safe if you follow certain procedures

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Why Hire a Car Accident Attorney?

The majority of personal injury claims in the U.S. stem from motor vehicle accidents. Accidents that result in minor vehicle damage can be managed through direct contact with an insurance company. However, car accidents that involve physical harm or significant

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Litigation Helps Reform

Doctors and hospital have historically argued that medical malpractice litigation compromises patient safety by preventing the transparency necessary to identify and learn from medical errors when they occur. However, hospitals and health care providers may be changing their position and

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Landlord Responsibilities

Renters have certain legal responsibilities as tenants, such as paying rent according to the lease agreement. Likewise, landlords have specific responsibilities to their tenants. These responsibilities range from proper maintenance of property to timely response to inquiries to legal storage

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Insurance—Are You Really “in Good Hands”?

In July 2005, attorney David J. Berardinelli published an article in The New Mexico Trial Lawyerdescribing a plan by the Allstate Insurance Company increase its profits at the expense of its policyholders. The article, entitled “False Promises — Allstate, McKinsey and the Zero

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Insurance Company Denies Your Claim—Now What?

How did you feel when your insurance company rejected your claim after you had faithfully paid its premiums? Did it make you angry? Did you struggle to find a solution? Or did you just give up? Don’t give up so

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How to Sue For Accidental Injury

If you seek aid for injury, illness or disease and are hurt during treatment, who do you go to, in order to seek reparations? The nurse? The doctor-in-charge? The hospital? Malpractice laws vary from state to state and are nothing

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Delayed Symptoms in Car Accident Lawsuits

Following a car accident, an ambulance is usually called to the scene. Oftentimes, paramedics may speak with those involved and provide emergency assessment and care. If a party is sufficiently hurt or otherwise reports severe symptoms, the individual receives appropriate

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Hospitals Violate Law on Reporting Errors

Florida hospitals are routinely violating a state law that requires them to report serious errors, according to a study on patient safety. “Code 15″ is the designation for the most serious errors in patient care which occur in our hospitals.

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Hospital Stays: Be Your Own Advocate

Visits to a hospital are serious events. You need medical care and you are in the hands of strangers. It is critical that you are involved with your health care. You should do proper pre-planning before your hospital visit, but

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