Orlando Child Injury Lawyer

Orlando Child Injury Lawyer

Protecting the Innocent

The injury or death of a child is a parent’s worst nightmare. Children should be protected and never exposed to preventable harm. Indeed, our children are our community’s future. Unfortunately, unintentional injuries prevent many of our children from fulfilling their dreams of the future. Each year in Florida, approximately 10% of our children are injured seriously enough to require medical treatment. When carelessness or negligence results in harm to your child, you deserve attorneys who care – truly care. As parents we understand that there is no more unnatural act than for a parent to bury a child. At Florida Trial MD, we achieved one of the largest single awards to a parent for the wrongful death of her child. We would consider it a privilege to answer any questions you may have after suffering an injury to your child.

Children are most susceptible to traffic injuries, drowning, fire-related burns, falls, and poisoning. Many accidents involving children are preventable. For example, road signage, sidewalks, fences, and railings are all important to keep children safe in our neighborhoods. Proper product packaging is crucial to curbing other accidents. As child injury lawyers, we handle claims involving physical abuse, sexual abuse, the failure to properly supervise and improper foster care.

Losing my son was the worst thing that could have happened to me. I was so confused how this could happen and the doctors tried to cover it up… I was scared to go to trial and testify, but you worked with me to keep me calm and spent so much time and were so patient…

*Before deduction for attorney’s fees and expenses. Most cases result in a lower recovery. It should not be assumed that your case will have as beneficial a result.

Our sweetest joy as parents is to raise happy kids. We do whatever we can to protect and nurture them. Whether an infant, toddler, youngster or teen, they will always be are precious gifts. While we drive them to baseball games, take them to movies, save for their education, sign them up for ballet, basketball and football – the simple truth is we cannot be with them every minute of the day. There will be times when others are entrusted with their safety. Whether its at school, day care centers or after-school programs or with a babysitter, parents often must choose to leave a child in someone else’s care. When others accept the responsibility for taking care of, supervising or monitoring your child, they must act responsibly and carefully at all times. Parents should also expect a sporting complex, swimming pool or playground to be designed and maintained safely. Under Florida law, the failure to do so makes them accountable for all harm that results to your child.

While facilities that care for kids should do background checks before hiring employees, many do not. Sometimes the pre-employment investigation is inadequate and criminals, some with sexual molestation or stalking records slip by. Such poor administration or policies put children at risk needlessly. In addition, with younger children medication, poisonous products must be secured and kept out of reach.

At Florida Trial MD, we understand the emotional trauma to both parent and child. We know that your primary concern is the health and welfare of your family. We are ready to help you obtain the resources and financial support you and your family need to properly deal with this trauma. You have many questions, and we have answers.

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