Orlando Dog Bite Lawyer

Orlando Dog Bite Lawyer

Know Your Rights When A Dog Bites

Dogs are man’s best friend, however, when a dog bite interrupts your life or that of your child’s, it can be devastating. Emergency medical care and hospitalization may be necessary. Many times, permanent scars result from vicious attacks. As soon as possible, you should contact animal control services to investigate the attack. The hospital may not report your incident to authorities. You should also contact an experienced lawyer early to determine who is responsible, what liability insurance may be available to pay for your damages and to aggressively prepare your case.

From our experience, insurance companies are getting better and better at avoiding responsibility for dog attacks. Homeowner or business insurance policies may completely exclude these types of claims. Other policies may specifically exclude certain breeds of dogs. After so many incidents involving Rottweilers, Pit Bulls and Doberman Pincers, insurance companies may choose to sell coverage which excludes these animals. Other breeds such as boxers, curs, cane corsos, mastiffs, sharpeis, and related mixes may not be covered as well. It is therefore important to have an attorney familiar with the claims involved right from the start.

While larger breeds have the potential to inflict greater wounds, smaller breeds tend to be more temperamental. That places innocent children and adults in jeopardy. Too many people have suffered at the hands of smaller breeds which simply attack anything in their path. These incidents can also cause nasty bite wounds and significant trauma.

At Florida Trial MD, we will determine all the responsible parties. Depending on the circumstances, the dog owner may not be the only at fault party. Anyone who is caring for the dog, the school district for failing to protect children, a governmental agency – all may be found responsible under a particular situation. For example, teachers or attendants at a child care or day care facility or a local elementary school may carelessly permit little ones or students to interact with an animal. If that animal harms a child, that school or facility may be liable. Retail stores may allow customers to bring in dogs and, as a result, innocent people may be bitten or trip over the animal or leash. Employers who allow employees to take dogs to work can be responsible for harm done by an employee’s pet.

From our research and experience, nearly 1,000 people each year go to an emergency department as a result of a dog bite. If a hospital admission is required, the typical cost exceeds $18,000. That amount almost doubles the hospital cost for many other types of injury or trauma. While we see the cases throughout Florida, rural parts of the state experience four times as many incidents requiring care at an emergency department.

Florida law provides for compensation for your medical expenses, hospitalization and more. Scars on the face and hands and other exposed areas of the body can prove devastating emotionally and justify appropriate damages as well.

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