Orlando DUI Accident Lawyer

Orlando DUI Accident Lawyer

Making Your Community Safer: Holding Drunk Drivers’ Responsible

Car accidents are frightening and when they involve a DUI driver they can become especially traumatic events. Even with all the news stories and extensive knowledge that drinking and driving is dangerous, we continue to see auto collisions involving alcohol. Under Florida law, a driver under the influence who causes an accident acts recklessly and may be required to pay additional damages. Generally, a settlement or jury award includes only money to compensate the victim for his or her losses. However, drunk drivers may also be ordered to pay “punitive damages.” As its name implies, those monies are awarded to the injured party to punish the wrongdoer.

If an intoxicated driver has hurt you or a family member, it is critical to speak with an Orlando DUI accident attorney quickly. Under certain circumstances, criminal charges may be brought against the other party and you may be entitled to assistance through the State of Florida Victims’ Compensation Fund. However, you must understand your obligations if you choose to accept such funds. So, as a victim of an alcohol-related collision you may recover your medical expenses, lost wages, damages to your vehicle, a fair amount for any permanent injury, suffering and punitive damages to deter such conduct from happening again. Certainly, there is no excuse for endangering the lives of innocent individuals and families.

We were devastated… We wanted answers… You reassured us… You made sure we could attend the deposition of the driver responsible… You did so much more than we could ever have expected… You really, really cared…

*Before deduction for attorney’s fees and expenses. Most cases result in a lower recovery. It should not be assumed that your case will have as beneficial a result.

Understanding the emotional and physical injury from these cases, Florida Trial MD is ready to help. When a family is heading home in their mini-van, they should not have their lives forever impacted by a selfish, reckless man or woman. When visitors leave our theme parks or people head home after a hard day’s work, they should find safe, Orlando streets and highways. It only makes sense to enforce our traffic laws and keep dangerous people off our community roads. If we fail to do so, we only encourage more bad conduct.

After every serious crash, the police officers or highway patrol that respond will complete reports that contain important information. These documents describe what happened and whether someone has been ticketed. At times, law enforcement will also take photograph the scene. This information should be gathered and evaluated if it exists. In addition, when police suspect alcohol use, they may seek to test breath or blood to determine whether criminal laws have been violated. Experienced trial lawyers who handle these cases will contact the appropriate authorities and obtain any arrest records and lab results.

While the driver may be responsible for punitive damages, his or her insurance policy may not provide coverage. Intentional or reckless behavior may be excluded so investigation may be conducted to determine if the owner of the car knew the driver was intoxicated and still provided the keys. Of course, if the driver had been in a bar and was served when visibly intoxicated, slurring speech or stumbling around, claims may be made against that establishment. Here again, getting a prompt consultation with lawyers who listen can make the difference in case outcome.

After such a wreck, you may need medical attention and have to repair or replace your car, truck or SUV. You will likely have questions about what to do next. You can rest assured; if you contact us online or call 844-FL TRIAL MD, we will have answers and the information you need now. Please do not delay. We want to help you and your family at this difficult time.

Call us now at 844-FL TRIAL MD (844-358-7425) to learn how we can help, or fill out our Free Evaluation Form on this page.

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