Orlando Child Custody Lawyer

   Orlando Child Custody Lawyer

Child Custody and Time-Sharing (Visitation) can rip families apart. As parents, we understand the emotionally charged circumstances you face when your right to be involved in your child’s life is at stake. Whether you are married or not, the same Florida laws apply to parents seeking custody or time-sharing with their children. This is another area of family and marital law that requires that the interests of children be properly protected; and, that is where we come in. As real trial lawyers for over twenty-five (25) years, one of whom is a medical doctor as well as an attorney, we know how to best present your case. If necessary, expert witnesses can be hired to provide solid support for the granting of sole custody or joint custody with significant time-sharing. By using well-respected psychologists and child development specialists, we can provide you with a significant advantage.

You deserve a reasonable time-sharing arrangement or parenting plan. Having a dedicated custody lawyer on your side will protect you against unfair treatment. To make it easy to obtain solid information and peace of mind, we limit the number of cases we handle at any one time. In addition, unlike other firms that demand big retainers or a large payment just to speak with a real attorney, we are available for FREE phone consultations or FREE in-person office visits. Parents should be able to get answers to important questions regarding their children QUICKLY, without having to wait days or weeks for a phone call or appointment. Call us now with your questions or if you prefer, just fill out the online form.

Sharing Parental Responsibility

Under Florida law, it is generally believed that both parents should be involved in making significant decisions impacting their children’s well-being. This is especially true in the area of health care, schools and religion. Whether one parent retains primary physical custody; the other will often be entitled to visitation rights. Of course, the manner and frequency of time-sharing is subject to negotiation, agreement or trial for the judge to decide.

We have learned that it is important to be good listeners. We take the time to learn about your family life and focus on all of your concerns. Once we understand the facts, we will explain the legal issues involved and we can communicate with the opposing attorney to reach an agreeable parenting plan. Through negotiation and mediation many issues can be fairly settled. That will save you time and stress. If your partner is not cooperative we will be ready to go to court and aggressively protect your rights.

Determining Child Custody and Visitation

We remain current on child development theory and philosophy and understand that each family setting is unique. All children have different needs. Under Florida law, children are to be protected by their parents from the emotional trauma associated with divorce. While every separation and divorce will have some negative impact, the goal for the judge in your case is to make good decisions relating to custody and visitation. Your judge will focus on the best interests of your child to find a living arrangement that is suitable. In order to do so there are twenty separate considerations for Florida families. Knowing these factors and understanding how to best present your situation is why you should call us today. As we will explain to you, the court does not focus on what is best for you financially or emotionally. You should also know that the custodial parent is entitled to receive child support from the other parent. However, if the custody is shared, that may lessen child support payments. So, it is crucial that we work together and that you understand all these critical issues.

It Is Easy And Free To Speak With Us Today

Many attorneys refuse to discuss child custody or family law issues over the phone. We are different. We encourage you to call. However, if picking up the phone makes you nervous, you can use the online form To Get Answers To Your Family Law Questions. We believe everyone should be treated like family; and, that is exactly how we have treated our clients for over 25 years.