Insurance Company Denies Your Claim—Now What?

How did you feel when your insurance company rejected your claim after you had faithfully paid its premiums?

Did it make you angry?

Did you struggle to find a solution?

Or did you just give up?

Don’t give up so easily. Your claim may be more valuable than your insurance company has concluded. But you have to act quickly, there are laws which require your diligence.

Considering the resources available to your insurance company which include plenty of legal assistance on its side, you have to understand the importance of retaining your own attorney. Find an attorney that is a Specialist to review your insurance claims. At Florida Trial MD, P.A. we will review your insurance policy and the law governing your claims. If successful, your insurance company may have to pay your attorney fees.

Here’s an example of a problem which arises from the ordinary automobile insurance policy:

When you apply for coverage you are required to complete an application form. The purpose of this form is for the company to assess the extent of the risk, you as one of its insured, pose for the company. Putting it another way, what will you and your family likely cost your insurance company. Who will be driving the family automobile? How safe are these family members who are at the wheel?

However, many application forms are ambiguous. The first order of business for any insurance company when a claim is made is to determine if there is any reason for it to conclude that there is no coverage applicable. Often, the ambiguous application is used as the reason for denial of coverage.

For instance, the application my be ambiguous because it contains a box which is printed in capital letters and reads, DRIVER INFORMATION, then following, “list all persons 14 years or older who are residence of your household”. How do you respond? If you have a person 14 years or older in your residence does that include the son and daughter away in college? Or other children who have their own vehicles? Is the company trying to determine who will be driving the family automobile? Or who are all the members of the family who live at the family residence?

What your insurance company may not tell you is Important: Ambiguities by law are construed against the insurance company and are resolved in favor of you the insured.

If you have had an insurance claim denied, contact us online or call 407-244-1212 now to determine if you have been treated fairly. You deserve the insurance coverage you paid for.

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