Orlando Insurance Dispute Lawyer

Orlando Insurance Dispute Lawyer

Standing Up To Insurance Companies For You

A policyholder expects an insurance company to act responsibly and in good faith when claims are submitted. Sadly, disputes can happen after a valid claim is made. If your insurance company denies your claim without giving you a genuine reason or legitimate explanation, you may be the victim of an improper attempt to generate unfair profits at your expense. At Florida Trial MD, we stand up to insurance companies when they try to take advantage of policyholders. We understand that companies can make millions more in profits by wrongfully denying claims.

It is unjust for you to faithfully pay insurance premiums for years and then when you need help, an adjuster refuses to honor your claim. In addition, no adjuster should offer you less than the true value of your claim. Under Florida law, insurers must treat everyone of their insureds fairly and that includes timely responding to your claim. Of course, anytime you feel that you are getting the “run around” you can contact us.  It is crucial to do all that is possible to encourage your insurance company to properly investigate your claim. Some denials can be quickly corrected by getting the “right” people in the company involved. Other times, the process requires several steps before the claim is appropriately resolved. Certainly, circumstances may require the filing of a lawsuit against your insurance company to obtain full and adequate consideration. Rest assured, the insurance dispute attorneys at Florida Trial MD have a long history of fighting insurance company tactics.  If you have a claim denied, delayed or you receive a terribly low settlement offer – contact us now for your free consultation by calling 844- FL TRIAL MD.

We felt so insulted at the mediation when the insurance company offered only $50,000… You spent so much time teaching us what we needed to know… We are grateful you took our case…

*Before deduction for attorney’s fees and expenses. Most cases result in a lower recovery. It should not be assumed that your case will have as beneficial a result.

How Can the Insurance Company Say That?

To avoid paying proper claims, insurance companies may tell you that the language in the policy does not mean what you think it does. By manipulating the English language, a representative may refuse to pay valid claims. Obviously, the more times legitimate claims are not paid and policyholders abandon claims, the more profits increase and the greater the bonuses for CEO’s. You should never forget that by keeping more of “your money” they protect their assets. To defeat and discourage policyholders an insurance company may claim that you made statements in your application that were false, material and that your misrepresentations prevent coverage for your claim; or, that you did not timely pay your insurance policy premiums so your coverage lapsed; or, that your injury, loss or damage is not the kind of loss covered or falls outside the defined losses.

Is My Insurance Company Acting in Bad Faith?

Insurance is such a powerful, multi-billion dollar industry that states have many protections in place. Fortunately, Florida law requires an insurance company to act in good faith when dealing with its insureds. Your insurance company may have violated certain laws if it acted in bad faith in response to your claim. Even if these laws were not broken, you may still have a breach of contract case. Your situation may also involve Florida’s Unfair Claim Settlement Practices Act which provides additional remedies. Whenever claims are intentionally delayed or fraud or misleading tactics may be involved, experienced trial lawyers will seek to use these laws to their clients’ advantage. While you pay us nothing for fees or costs unless we win in these claims – successfully winning against your insurance company may entitle you to additional monies. Florida law tries to prevent policyholders from having to bring a legal action to force your insurance company to do the right thing. Insurance companies should timely pay so these cases are unnecessary.

At Florida Trial MD, we are ready to help settle your insurance dispute. Clients usually have lots of questions when their insurance company betrays their trust. We welcome questions and concerns and we are privileged to help. Whether your claim involves a homeowner claim, damage to business property, car repair or total loss, disability, health, life insurance, hurricane or windstorm damage, we are here for you.

Call us now at 844-FL TRIAL MD (844-358-7425) to learn how we can help, or fill out our Free Evaluation Form on this page.

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