Medical Care Following Car Accidents

The Insurance Journal has reported that 25% of automobile accidents resulted in bodily injury claims in 2003. In a 2004 study from Trends In Auto Injury Claims it found continued increases in personal injury claims. Yet, records indicate that many people involved in automobile accidents, are embarrassed to seek medical attention because of what they’ve determine to be bumps and bruises, and they didn’t seem serious enough or because the onset of the symptoms did not immediately occur.

Doctors advise that as soon as possible, after an accident, an initial evaluation at a local Emergency Room is positively recommended. The reason for that is: X-rays can be performed which will generally rule out broken bones or factures. In addition, muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory medications can immediately be prescribed so as to address muscle strains and/or pulls.

If the onset of a serious injury is delayed, the failure to have a medical complaint recorded will affect your physical recovery. Back and neck injuries (like a herniated disc) are not always immediately determinable. They are often initially diagnosed as “Soft Tissue” injuries before an MRI or a CT Scan reveals a disc injury. Normal x-ray film – – cannot diagnose a disc injury.

While everyone wants to believe that there is no need to seek medical attention following a car accident, where the injury seems minor, the safest approach is to have a doctor perform a proper evaluation. Generally, that will provide the peace of mind you deserve. From a legal standpoint, the visit to your doctor or emergency department will document your complaints in the event, you do develop long-term difficulties.

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