Motorcycle Accidents- Riding the Risks

Motorcycles do not come without risk. Riding them can be very dangerous, and they are not for everyone. However, motorcycles are well-equipped to handle any threat on the road, and it’s easy to stay safe if you follow certain procedures while riding them.
Firstly, knowing basic motorcycle safety and owning the basic required gear is necessary for staying safe on the road. New riders, make sure you take the introductory courses you need to get your license, and be well educated on all aspects of motorcycles the rules of the road. Buy colorful and easy-to-see safety gear, as it will help cars see you, while keeping you comfortable and protected.
You should also know the maneuvers necessary in the most common situations:
Coming into a corner too fast: Use visual references to judge the angle of the road, and only ride as fast as you can see. If you do go too fast, try to be smooth on the controls and ride it out.
Cars changing lanes or turning suddenly: Stay out of their blinds spots, and watch for signals of where they plan to go. Watch for gaps in traffic and be wary of signs that a car may make a sudden turn.
If a car approaches or hits you from behind: The most common car accident is that of a “Fender bender”, which can be fatal to motorcycles. Use other cars as your crumple zone if you are hit from the back- go between a line of cars to cushion your impact. At night, when its not as easy to see, be particularly cautious to everything around you.
If a car suddenly opens its door: Never ride between traffic and a line of parked cars. It’s too risky to have to worry about pedestrians and opening car doors. If you have to go in this area, slow down as much as possible.
These situations can be dangerous to riders, but if you stay cautious and wary at all times and follow the correct procedures, it should be smooth sailing from here on out.





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