Orlando Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Orlando Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Protecting Our Seniors & Fighting Neglect & Abuse

The abuse and neglect of loved ones in a nursing home or assisted care living facility occurs is terribly disturbing and must be prevented. While laws have been passed throughout the United States, including Florida, to protect our most at risk members of society, injury and death continue to result in poorly operated and managed facilities. As nursing home abuse lawyers, we continue to fight for seniors and their families.

At times the management company or owner fails to provide adequate staffing to ensure that residents receive appropriate care. This can lead to tired caregivers who must cut corners to keep up with their work. Obviously, this can create dangerous circumstances, including the failure to turn residents so that they develop bed sores or ulcers; malnutrition from failing to provide proper meals or ensure that residents are eating their meals; and elopement among others. Without proper care, fragile and dependent seniors can easily become dehydrated which can lead to a number of difficulties and compound existing health concerns.

Of course, the intentional harm to residents sadly continues. That is why family and friends should remain alert to signs of physical or emotional abuse. If bruising or skin discoloration is found on a resident, family needs to determine how it happened. Do not be shy. You need answers. If a resident becomes unusually lethargic or sleepy, you should determine if his medications are appropriate.

You spent so much time counseling us… explaining why we lost our mother… you never backed down and never hesitated when we wanted to go to trial… we are so grateful for your kindness and for your brilliant efforts for our mother…

*Before deduction for attorney’s fees and expenses. Most cases result in a lower recovery. It should not be assumed that your case will have as beneficial a result.

Elder Abuse

Whether in a nursing home, senior living facility, assisted living facility or at home, there is nothing more tragic than to learn about elder abuse. Seniors should be cherished and protected, not abused or neglected. These cases demand attention and victims exploited by family, caregivers or strangers, should be protected against future harm. In addition, steps should be taken to hold the abusers accountable. All victims should be compensated for their losses.

We have seen a variety of types of abuse, including physical, emotional, psychological, sexual, and financial. While many families tenderly care for their parents, there are many situations where the opposite is true. Every senior should live with dignity and with his or her property rights respected.

If you have any concerns or believe harm has been done, you should contact the authorities and competent legal counsel. At Florida Trial MD, we stand committed to protecting our seniors from neglect or abuse by nursing homes, senior living facilities and in their own homes by caretakers.

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