Orlando Divorce Lawyer & Family Attorney

   Orlando Divorce Lawyer & Family Attorney

Orlando Divorce and Family Law attorneys should take the time to listen and be available to help when marital difficulties or child support issues arise. Too many divorce attorneys require big retainers or large payments and fail to serve their clients’ best interests. For over 25 years, we have learned to limit the number of cases we handle so that we are always prepared and accessible to our clients. We also welcome free phone consultations to discuss family law issues; whether they involve custody, time-sharing, paternity, divorce, alimony, relocation and modification concerns. Unlike some firms that require payment or a deposit just to speak with a real attorney, we consider it a blessing to be able to provide callers with helpful guidance. Sometimes that’s all it takes. Of course, there is no cost or obligation when we can do so. If you have questions, do not go it alone, do not be afraid to get our help, just pick up the phone or fill out the online form. We are here for you.

Are you considering a Florida divorce? Are you unmarried, but thinking about establishing child support and child custody? Is your former spouse late with child support payments or failing to pay the correct amount? Did you receive notice that your spouse started divorce proceedings? You may find things to be overwhelming right now. You may feel depressed, sad or lost as a result of your present circumstances. Please remember that things always look worse when you feel alone and confused. Fortunately, real help is only a phone call away. It only makes sense to discuss your circumstances with an Orlando divorce lawyer and family law attorney. Let us end the confusion and become a part of your solution. FL Trial MD offers parenting guides to get you through this tough time. Let us take care of your interests and those of your children.

As Orlando family lawyers, located in downtown Orlando, Florida, we believe you deserve compassionate and undivided loyalty when you discuss sensitive issues involving you and your children. Whether it takes expert assessment of your spouse’s financial means or aggressive trial skills to obtain all that you are entitled to, we never compromise. You should never settle for less. We can discuss the best approach to deal with your family law difficulties, to ensure the best solution possible and to provide you with peace of mind. Together, we can deal with any challenge you presently face.

Having tried cases involving millions of dollars, representing families facing dire consequences, we know the importance of choosing the best attorney. You deserve a faithful advocate, one who will provide wise counsel and protection 24/7. Do not settle for anything less. For us, it is simple. We treat our clients like family. That is the way we would want to be treated, so that is precisely the way we will treat you. Having earned the trust and respect of clients, judges and opposing counsel, we value the opportunity to build long-lasting relationships. We remain in touch with former clients, available to answer questions that may arise years later…and we gladly help. If family law proceedings have been started against you; or, if you are contemplating action that will impact your family, you should know that timing is important. Your time to take certain action could be running out. Florida law has strict requirements in these cases and you do not want to lose precious rights.

It Is Easy And Free To Speak With Us Today

To request your free, telephone consultation simply call us right now. If you prefer an in-person consultation, we will arrange to see you in our office as soon as possible. If picking up the phone makes you nervous, you can use the online form to schedule your free consultation or To Get Answers To Your Family Law Questions. Yes, we are different. Helping others and giving back to our community is only fair since we have been so blessed to serve the legal needs of neighbors, friends and families for over 25 years. We look forward to serving you.


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