Orlando Divorce Lawyer’s Guide to Parenting Plans

Orlando Divorce Lawyer’s Guide to Parenting Plans

Orlando Divorce lawyers can guide you through the parenting plan that best suits your family’s needs. Parents should take advantage of the opportunity to establish written guidelines to address where their children will live, go to school, receive healthcare and spend holidays and summer vacations. Generally, it is expected that both parents will play a significant role in raising their children and time-sharing arrangements are intended to facilitate that continuing relationship. Florida family law judges will review the plan to ensure that both parties to a dissolution of marriage are appropriately involved in co-parenting responsibilities. Of course, there are many potential sources of conflict and that is where we can help. If you have questions, call now for your FREE consultation. Unlike other family lawyers, we feel privileged to be available to listen to your concerns and provide answers to your questions over the phone or in person. We believe you should be treated like family – and we do just that.

While a divorcing couple may experience bitterness towards each other, our attorneys provide the personal attention, skill and guidance you need to successfully work through this process. By listening to your concerns, learning about your daily routine and your children’s needs, we can provide the peace of mind you deserve. We will work tirelessly to fashion the best parenting plan possible. While your spouse and the court may have other concerns, you can be certain that your desires and the best interest of your children will be thoroughly considered. Do not settle for less when so much is at stake. When you call our office or use the online form, one of our attorneys will promptly respond. When it comes to protecting your family and your interests, we will be there with you every step of the way. Please call now so we can begin to help you rebuild your life.

Time-Sharing Arrangements are Just the Beginning

Any routine can be established that works best for your family. Your work schedule, your children’s special needs and your other obligations will impact how to structure your children’s living and visitation arrangements. For some families, it makes more sense for the non-custodial parent to have the children one night mid-week and every other weekend; for others, more equal time and overnights may be appropriate. The parenting plan can and should be tailored to your specific requirements.

Holidays and Vacations

Too many unpleasant holiday moments can be avoided if your plan addresses the specific holidays and vacation times that are most important to you. If your family celebrates a reunion each year and that is important to you, that date should be included in your written guidelines. You may wish to “trade” certain holidays or long weekends for others. If you prefer, you can consider taking turns alternating holidays, spring break and school summer vacations each year. Perhaps, you prefer to divide equally each holiday and school break. For example if summer vacation is 10 weeks long, one parent will enjoy the first 5 weeks, while the other – the last 5 weeks. If out-of-state or international travel is a possibility, then specific language should be included to prevent any obstacles. Of course, there should always be a provision that notice, an itinerary and contact information will be provided to the non-traveling parent before leaving home.

Your Children Will Grow Up

Careful lawyers advise clients to consider not only present circumstances, but also the changes that will take place as your children get older. Holiday plans and vacation plans will be different for toddlers and young children than teenagers. With sufficient time and guidance, many potential conflicts can be eliminated from the beginning.

Records for Education and Healthcare Providers

Every parenting plan should provide for access to children’s educational, medical and governmental records. In addition, each parent’s contact information, in case of emergency, should be included in all appropriate records so parental notification is timely received.


Florida law provides potential punishment for any parent that unlawfully removes a child from the court’s jurisdiction. If a child is taken more than 50 miles away from home and the relocation will exceed 60 days consecutively – then a court order or the other parent’s written consent is required. For more information…click here. (take to relocation page).

Caring For Young Children – The Right of First Refusal When younger children need child care, a solid parenting plan will provide requirements for such care. In addition, the non-custodial parent has the right of first refusal when the custodial parent cannot care for the child and would otherwise use a sitter or day-care.

The Plan Can Be Enforceable

After the parties work through and sign off on the parenting plan it should be entered by the court as any other order in the divorce or paternity case. As such, if there is a dispute, there will be a right to enforce the provisions of the plan. As with other violations of a family law order, appropriate penalties, either civil, criminal or both, may apply.

We Are Here To Help You

When it comes to these detailed matters, do not go it alone. It would be our privilege to help. Unlike other law firms, our attorneys feel blessed to be available to take your call and provide the assistance you deserve. Your telephone or in-person consultation is FREE; and, if you prefer, you may use the online form to get confidential answers from our attorneys via email.


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