Orlando Medical Malpractice Law Protects Careless Doctors

Are you one of the nearly 100,000 innocent people who suffer injury from medical malpractice each year? Do you need a specialist to review your case without delay? Do you wish to put a medical malpractice attorney and medical doctor on your side?

The Playing Field is Not Even: In Florida the laws keep changing to protect careless you without you even knowing it. Sadly, we spend hours on the phone providing free consultations to those who have suffered from malpractice – and – have to explain the law no longer permits fair and just compensation.

The Time To Bring Suit is Limited: Sometimes those who suffer injury wait too long before they call us. There are time-limits or statute of limitations that apply to all legal claims. If a lawsuit is not commenced within the applicable statute of limitations all claims for damages – even those that are meritorious – will be forever time-barred.

Doctors Can Kill Your Unmarried Older Children and NOT pay one dime for Your Mental Anguish: Yes, you read that correctly. Under Florida’s Wrongful Death Act if a doctor, hospital or clinic commits malpractice and the child is unmarried and 25 or older, the parents have NO claim for pain and suffering or mental anguish.

Doctors Can Kill Your Surviving Parent and Pay Nothing for Your Loss: In a similar fashion under Florida Law, if one parent is deceased and the other parent dies as a result of malpractice NO child 25 or older can make seek justice for the loss of their parent’s comfort and society or for their mental anguish over the loss of their mother or father.

With the laws against you and your family, now more than ever you need the most experienced lawyer on your side when going to battle irresponsible health care providers. With record results, a civil trial specialist and a medical doctor / attorney on our team, we would be privileged to discuss your situation with you. If you prefer, just complete the Get Help Now Form and we will send you important information on how you can protect yourself in a matter of seconds.

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