Before You Apply For Social Security Disability Benefits

Social Security Disability benefits are difficult to obtain. Most initial applications are denied. Sadly, these denials can occur as a result of a simple mistake when individuals apply on their own. While the Social Security Administration does not have any bias for or against individuals applying by themselves, a trusted attorney can increase the chances that you complete the process fully and accurately. You see, the forms you must complete include many questions and require a great deal of information. If you do not work with social security regulations and you do not regularly review detailed documents in your daily life, you may easily misinterpret one of the government’s questions or leave out some vital information needed to win your case. So, while you may go it alone, you should take a few minutes to give us a call so that we can review your circumstances and explain the process. With our help – especially if you choose to work with us to complete the application – you eliminate many opportunities for mistakes.

A Smart Alternative To Going It Alone

We NEVER charge a fee for helping you submit your application so it costs you nothing to ensure it is done correctly. Only if you are approved for benefits will the Social Security Administration approve any fee. Otherwise, we work for FREE. What most folks do not know is that if your initial application is denied because you failed to include information or you provided incorrect information, YOU MAY HAVE TO WAIT UP TO 2 MORE YEARS TO GET THE MONEY that you were entitled to receive. Does that make any sense? Give yourself the best opportunity to obtain the benefits you and your family deserve. Let us help you file for your social security disability or supplemental security income now. You may use the Online Form to see if you may qualify.

We Make It Simple

If you prefer, you may choose to come to our convenient Orlando office to complete your application. Together, we will go over everything with you. We leave nothing to chance when it comes to your social security case. We teach you what you need to know, you will understand what you must prove to win your social security disability case and you will be treated like family. Together, we will work through the process and do all we can to ensure a successful initial application. Call us now.

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