Reasons to Sue Over Theme Park Injuries

Theme parks can be a great way to spend a summer day with your family, and they can provide a lot of fun with all of their various attractions and rides to enjoy. However, theme parks can also be quite dangerous, and injuries from slips, falls, and water hazards are quite common. If you find yourself in the unfortunate event of sustaining an injury at a theme park, you would benefit by knowing your rights. Here are some common injuries people receive from various theme park attractions, and what may been done in response.

1-Rollercoaster Injuries– Rollercoasters can be very exciting, but they can also lead to injury or even death in extreme cases. As recently as 2011, there have rollercoaster accidents that resulted in death. If someone dies while on a roller coaster, their family may sue for wrongful death due to negligent operation of the ride, a design or product defect in the manufacture of the ride, or improper maintenance of the ride.

2-Water Slide Accidents – Water slides can be a lot of fun, but there is also quite a bit of danger involved with a tube full of rushing water that propels a young child through it at high speeds. Theme parks may be sued over negligence if a child drowns.

3-Injuries From Animals – Getting bitten by an animal at a zoo or attraction may be grounds for a lawsuit.

4-Food Poisioning – Just like some restaurants, food quality can be subpar at theme parks. If you become ill due to something you ate at a theme park, they may be held responsible for the illness if they served you unsafe food.

5-Criminal Activities – With so many cars unattended cars in theme park parking lots, some shady individuals may be more inclined to rob your automobile.  Even worse, guests may be subject to assault or robbery in isolated areas.  If you suffer a theft or crime against your person, the theme park may be responsible if it had an ongoing problem, knew or should have known of it and chose not to reasonably act to protect its guests.

Source: FindLaw

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