Orlando child custody lawyers often guide parents when dealing with relocation issues. Following divorce or paternity proceedings, one parent may choose to move for job or family reasons. When the relocating parent seeks to take a child 50 miles or more from the principle residence for more than 60 consecutive days, Florida law considers this to be a removal of a minor from the court’s jurisdiction. If mother and father believe this to be appropriate then they may agree voluntarily. If not, we can help to either obtain permission from the court to allow such a move; or, to demonstrate why it may not be in your child’s best interests. Our divorce lawyers are standing by to take your FREE call. Unlike some child support and custody attorneys, we are privileged to be able to provide a FREE telephone consultation or if you wish, just fill out the online form to receive our immediate attention.

In working with you, we will make certain you understand the important factors that the court will consider. These will include (1) the extent, length and quality of the relationship between each parent and child, as well as, the relationship with other siblings, family members and significant individuals; (2) the child’s age, needs and impact on educational, emotional and physical development; (3) the likelihood that the non-relocating parent has the ability, financially and otherwise to maintain contact and a meaningful relationship, as well as, the probability that there will remain cooperation between parents since the child will be removed from the court’s jurisdiction; (4) the child’s preference, with older and more mature children’s choices being given more weight; (5) whether there will be an improvement in the educational or financial opportunities for those moving; (6) each parent’s reasons for and against the relocation; (7) the economic and job circumstances and whether the move improves those circumstances for the parent wishing to move away; (8) whether the relocating parent acts in good faith and the other parent has fulfilled child, spousal and asset and debt responsibilities; (9) career opportunities for each parent; (10) any domestic violence or substance abuse of parents and whether rehabilitative efforts have succeeded (as described in Fla. Stat. 39.806(1)(d) and 741.28); any other matter which may relate to the best interests of the children involved (as described in Fla. Stat. 61.13).

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When facing the need to relocate with your child or the trauma of learning that efforts are being made to take your child from you, please know we want to help. As a trial specialist, we know how to passionately pursue justice and seek every advantage for you and your child. Do not delay. Call NOW for a confidential conversation with an attorney who has earned the trust of families for over 25 years.

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