Time Is Critical

Time Is Critical

Why Time Is Critical To The Success Of Your Case

After an accident, there are some things that are critical to your success. Insurance companies will take advantage of any opportunity to pay less on claims or nothing at all. While most injured people are honest, hardworking and just want to be treated fairly, that simply does not just happen. You must be armed with vital information early to avoid making costly mistakes. At Florida Trial MD, our experienced legal team and knowledgeable and friendly staff are ready to guide you through the legal and medical maze.

Evidence Must Be Gathered Quickly

No matter how certain you are that someone else is at fault and that you suffered an injury, you must secure proof in case the insurance company tries to avoid responsibility.  Documenting an accident scene, photographing damage to vehicles and obtaining the names of witnesses should always be done. In a slip and fall case, if an injured party does not take photos of the liquid or substance that caused the fall, the store or property owner will clean up the area and there will be no direct proof. Such a case will turn into a “he said, she said” or their word against yours. Our attorneys, once contacted, move quickly to ensure photos are taken to preserve valuable evidence.

Getting Medical Care In Time

In car accident cases, Florida law requires an injured person to obtain medical care within 14 days of the crash to be eligible to receive benefits from their own auto insurance policy. While we can still help people bring claims against the other party’s insurance company, it is always wise to immediately seek medical attention. Too many people delay going to a doctor or hospital because they assume they will feel better. However, a proper medical evaluation will protect you by creating a record of your complaints and by documenting your injuries. The longer you wait, the easier it is for the insurance company to claim your injuries were not caused by the accident or could not have been that serious.

Statute of Limitations

Under Florida law, there are time limits or statutes of limitations that apply to every legal claim. If you do not commence a lawsuit within the applicable statute of limitations all claims for injury and damage will be forever time-barred. You should move quickly to obtain well-qualified legal help.

Filing Your Lawsuit Without Delay

It is true that with our reputation for success in court, most of our clients never have to go to trial to be treated fairly. However, when it is clear that an insurance company will not pay the full and fair value for a claim, then a lawsuit should be filed. At Florida Trial MD, we do not sit back and wait and hope that the insurance company is going to pay. We fight fire with fire – and insurance companies know it.

Starting Together

Get the help you deserve and put the balance of law and medicine to work for you. Call 844-FL TRIAL MD or fill out the no-obligation free case evaluation form on this page. We are ready to get started right now.



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