Orlando Sea World Accident Lawyer

Orlando Sea World Accident Lawyer

Proving Fault In A Sea World Accident

Visitors to SeaWorld Orlando expect to enjoy amusement rides, aquatic beauty and entertaining shows. Guests do not plan on having an accident and injury. Yet, when there is inadequate staff, poorly maintained areas or needlessly dangerous rides, innocent guests will be hurt. If you or your family has been injured at Sea World, you should contact an experienced lawyer without delay.

After an incident, employees will contact management and efforts will be made to protect the park. Often, you will be asked to fill out an incident report or provide a statement. You must be careful not to sign anything without reading it closely. Certainly, you should not provide any recorded statement without understanding the important issues involved.

Over recent years, the cost of admission to SeaWorld and its related parks, Discovery Cove, Aquatica, Bush Gardens Tampa have soared. Yet, what have the owners and operators done to make the facility and experience safer? When thousands of people enter every day, there should be adequate staff to ensure no hazardous condition develops and to quickly address any existing unsafe situations. In order to do so, it is imperative that staff members are well-trained in safety issues.

From our experience, exhibits such as Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin, Dolphin Cove, Manta Aquarium, Pacific Point Preserve, Shark Encounter and Turtle Trek can easily distract guests. If debris or an obstruction or liquid spills in or around one of these exciting venues, a guest may trip or slip and fall. Of course, bathrooms in any location must be properly maintained to prevent needless theme park dangers.

Of course, rides such as the Manta, Kraken, Journey to Atlantis, Wild Arctic Ride, Shamu’s Happy Harbor and the Sky Tower should be kept in working order and free from defects. Each should have attendants who understand any challenges that riders may face. When you cater to children and adults of all ages, there must be clear warnings to protect those to young or too small and to alert seniors which rides may not be right for them. To do so, appropriate signs should be visible and clear as to any size or health requirements.

At Florida Trial MD, we have seen SeaWorld accidents and injury cause serious difficulties, long-term health issues and terribly disrupt an expensive family vacation. Whether it is a fall or trauma, striking a hard surface can result in neck, back or spine pain; a broken leg, fractured ankle, twisted knee or concussion. Whenever possible, photographs of the scene and photographs of any injuries – especially bruising and swelling should be taken. From dealing with theme parks, you must be prepared and armed with proof of both the cause of the incident and the damages suffered. A photograph or video taken at the time may prove invaluable when fighting for just compensation.

Having experienced significant bad press over the death of one of its animal trainers and the documentary Black Fish, we trust additional safeguards are being implemented to protect its employees. Perhaps more attention will also be directed to guest safety. If you or your family has any questions or needs assistance, call 1-844-FL Trial MD or fill out the Free Evaluation form on this page. We are ready to help.

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