Orlando Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

Orlando Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

After You Fall – Things Will Change

Those involved in slip and fall claims now face tougher burdens making it critical to consult with an experienced Orlando lawyer in order to obtain a just recovery. At Florida Trial MD, we know the challenges involved in a slip and fall and trip and fall lawsuit. Whether it was a wet bathroom floor or slippery grocery store aisle, our proven track record includes recovering money even when there is no photographic evidence of the dangerous condition. By early evaluation and gathering of available evidence, we can help those injured by hazardous floors, sidewalks and walkways.

If Hurt, You Should Act Quickly

Evidence in premises liability cases can easily be lost or destroyed. If the substance is transitory or temporary, unless photographs are taken immediately after a fall, the store or business will likely clean it up – eliminating anyway for you to document its existence. Rest assured, you and any witnesses can still testify about the condition, but acting promptly to secure your slip and fall attorney provides the best course of action. Of course, you can fill out the no obligation online form on this page so we can assist you now.

My first lawyer did so little and never answered my calls… You quickly filed my lawsuit… You answered my phone calls and always took the time to make sure I understood what was going on in my case…

*Before deduction for attorney’s fees and expenses. Most cases result in a lower recovery. It should not be assumed that your case will have as beneficial a result.

Do I Have A Slip and Fall Case?

Under Florida law, it is not enough that you fell or tripped on someone else’s premises. No landowner or business must guarantee your safety. Rather, you have to prove that the owner knew that the property had a dangerous or unsafe condition that caused your fall; and, that a reasonably careful person would not have discovered the danger before falling.

Having over 25 years of handling these claims, we regularly find the most attention must be paid to the details surrounding the premises or business owner’s knowledge. We must focus on proving that the landowner created the hazard; or, knew about the problem and chose not to fix it; or, that so much time passed before your fall that a careful owner would have discovered the condition and remedied it sooner.

In some falls, the premises were not built to code. That is, city, county or states, like Florida, may require certain standards or building codes. These laws require uniformity that ensures a safer environment. For example, these regulations require stairs to be designed and built so that they are not too steep and where necessary, handrails are available.

Landlords or property owners must always keep common areas, sidewalks, and playgrounds safe. In residential leases, landlords must turn over an apartment in a reasonably safe condition. If not, they can be held accountable for any slip and fall claim.

Whether you slip in a bathroom, restaurant, mall or theme park, if the cause of your fall was a dangerous condition at that location, you should speak to a competent lawyer. Whenever anyone invites people to their location, the property must be reasonably safe and guests must be warned of any hazardous condition. It is important to hold businesses accountable for careless maintenance of their establishments. By failing to keep their place of business safe, too many innocent people will be subjected to unnecessary risk of harm. If you get hurt, we are ready to help.

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