Success Stories

Success Stories

Tony-SabrinaOur client successes in car accident, injury and medical malpractice cases include a $30,000,000 jury verdict in Orlando, recognized as one of the Top 100 Verdicts in the United States. While a long history of client success is important in choosing a lawyer, you may also wish to consider how a lawyer makes his clients feel. After all, you deserve to be treated with dignity, kindness and respect. We invite you to consider these client experiences. Should you wish to speak with past or present clients, we will gladly arrange that for you.

Losing My Son Was the Worst Thing…

Losing my son was the worst thing that could have happened to me. I was so confused how this could happen and the doctors tried to cover it up… I was scared to go to trial and testify, but you worked with me to keep me calm and spent so much time and were so patient…

A 10 year old Apopka boy stepped on a nail and received a lengthy treatment of antibiotic coverage. His doctors failed to monitor the blood levels of a very powerful antibiotic they chose to treat the suspected infection. Despite calls from the boy’s mother reporting new and dangerous symptoms, the doctors failed to see the child. Tragically, the antibiotic treatment, left unmonitored, caused the boy’s kidneys to shut down. He died a grievous and needless death on Mother’s Day. His family continues to visit with us and remains determined to get the word out to parents to remain vigilant about their children’s medications.

Jury Verdict: $30,000,000 Orlando, Orange County, Florida *

*Before deduction for attorney’s fees and expenses. Most cases result in a lower recovery. It should not be assumed that your case will have as beneficial a result.

You Made Me Feel Valued

I made the mistake of calling a lawyer I saw on TV and I could never speak with him… Fortunately, you were willing take my case… You explained what needed to be done and you did it. When I had questions, you took the time to answer them and made me feel valued…

The weather was beautiful and our client was on his way home from work. He had been out of town for the week. While he was slowing for a red light, another vehicle crashed into the rear of his car. Despite wearing his shoulder harness and seat belt, the impact jostled him about. He felt immediate neck pain, but assumed it would go away with rest. Days later his pain brought him to a physician and over the following weeks, he had an MRI which revealed disc herniation in his cervical spine (neck). He treated for several months, underwent epidural spine injections and received a surgical consultation for his intractable pain.

Award: $100,000 Orlando, Orange County, Florida *

The Insurance Company Offered Me $15K, You Got Me $480K

The insurance company denied I was really hurt and offered me only $15,000. You believed me and spent so much time on my case. You always returned my calls; even on weekends… you kept me informed every step of the way…

An Osceola County Deputy Sheriff was rear-ended. He felt immediate low back pain and received an initial medical evaluation. Being told “nothing looked broken” he insisted on returning to duty after just a few days off. Despite his best efforts the pain became intolerable and eventually he was forced to limit his work duty. The insurance company refused to acknowledge that the rear end collision caused any serious back injury. The insurance company pointed out that our client had seriously hurt his back BEFORE the car accident. In fact, our client did have 2 serious back injuries and 2 back surgeries BEFORE the rear end collision. As a result the insurance company offered only $15,000 before trial. At trial, we showed that our client had fully recovered from his previous back injuries and back surgeries; and, that he had actively worked full-duty for many years. We explained through expert medical testimony that the rear end collision aggravated his back and caused his present pain and difficulties. In closing argument, we exposed the insurance company’s scheme to take advantage of our client’s strong work ethic. Fortunately, our jury understood the detailed medical testimony, ignored the insurance company’s claim that our client was disabled long before the collision and returned a verdict more than 30 times what the insurance company had offered.

Jury Verdict: $480,000 Kissimmee, Osceola County, Florida *

You Made Me Feel Like I Was a Part of Your Family

I appreciate you spending so much time with me. It was scary after my accident, but you walked me through the process. You and your staff made me feel like part of your family… I found your office to be warm and homey…

Our client had the green light as she approached the intersection. Another driver suddenly turned left in front of her and caused the collision. She was treated by emergency medical personnel and transported to a local hospital complaining of low back pain. The X’rays were normal and she was discharged. She followed up with a specialist for her continuing pain and discomfort. An MRI of her lumbar spine (low back) revealed disc herniation. Due to radiating pain down her leg she underwent an EMG/NCS. This study confirmed nerve root impingement as a result of her disc herniation and she required a surgical consultation. For months she continued to struggle with her pain and impairment and feared having the recommended surgery.

Award: $100,000 Orlando, Orange County, Florida *

The Insurance Company Made Me An Insulting Offer – You Got Me $4.5 Million

When the insurance company offered an insulting, low settlement, you were determined to make them pay what was fair… You made me feel valued and you always made time to answer my questions… You sacrificed being with your family while in trial for me…

A senior producer at Disney World underwent eye surgery. Despite multiple calls to his doctor’s office over several days, he was reassured that his complaints were “normal and nothing to worry about.” The following day he experienced a sudden loss of vision-his retina had become detached. Emergency efforts were undertaken to correct the damage, however, those efforts were too late. Our client has courageously continued working and has continued to keep us informed of his efforts to assist sight-impaired artists with a portion his award.

Jury Verdict: $4,500,000 Deland, Volusia County, Florida *

Miami Car Accident Causes Disc Injury in Federal Tort Claim

You were just wonderful… You took care of everything…

A hard-working young woman was driving on I-95 in South Florida when traffic quickly slowed and stopped. When she had come to a stop, she was rear-ended. The cause of the rear-end collision began several cars behind her. Through investigation, the first offending driver was discovered, and it was learned that he was an on-duty FBI agent, simply not paying attention to the road ahead. In accordance with Federal Law, claims were brought under the Federal Tort Claims Act, and the case was tried in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

Judge Awarded: $500,000 *

The Insurance Tried to Blame My Son

It was a nightmare getting that phone call, hearing that my son was in an accident… then the insurance company tried to blame my son… You were so comforting and kind and compassionate towards our whole family…

Three teenage boys were walking in the early evening in their Miami neighborhood. A careless driver struck one of the teenagers, killing him almost instantly. His devastated family worked with our firm to bring the wrongdoer to justice. The driver and the company owner of the vehicle tried, without success, to avoid responsibility by blaming the young man for walking along the side of the road.

Award: Amount withheld, Miami, Dade County, Florida *

You Always Took the Time

My first lawyer did so little and never answered my calls… You quickly filed my lawsuit… You answered my phone calls and always took the time to make sure I understood what was going on in my case…

While shopping in a home improvement store, our client fell as a result of a broken concrete floor. Our investigation revealed that store employees were well aware of the broken area, recognized it as a major danger to customers, and admitted it should have been repaired. Months before trial, the store agreed to settle all claims. Our client, who had no health insurance, used a portion of the settlement proceeds to pay for needed medical and surgical intervention.

Award: $150,000 Orlando, Orange County, Florida *

You are a Pleasure to Work With

You were a pleasure to work with… You took the time to explain things… Your wonderful staff was so sweet to deal with…

An older gentleman was innocently walking along when he tripped on an uneven and broken surface. Sadly, this gentleman suffered a broken hip and required surgery. Those responsible initially denied any wrongdoing. However, the photographs taken by our office before the condition was repaired along with powerful witness statements convinced the company to accept responsibility.

Award: $150,000 Orlando, Orange County, Florida *

You Did So Much More than we could have Ever Expected

We were devastated… We wanted answers… You reassured us… You made sure we could attend the deposition of the driver responsible… You did so much more than we could ever have expected… You really, really cared…

In a tragedy so great, our firm agreed to lead the fight and two Missouri law firms against a drunk driver and the owner of the vehicle he was driving in St. Louis, Missouri. Three young people needlessly lost their lives. Working with the other families that lost children, our clients pursued not only a civil action in Missouri, but also maintained close contact with the St. Louis prosecutor handling the criminal proceedings. In the most passionate display of love for their children, following the successful civil action, all parents appeared before the criminal court and testified that the drunk driver’s punishment should include speaking engagements in local high schools warning students of the dangers of drinking and driving. The judge agreed! We all pray that these efforts have saved lives in Missouri and elsewhere.

Aggregate Award to the Survivors: $2,000,000 St. Louis, Missouri *

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