Orlando Truck Accident Lawyer

Orlando Truck Accidents Lawyer

Safety Rules For Truck Accidents You Should Know

The shear mass involved, make truck accidents more likely to cause severe and life-altering injuries. We have worked with clients suffering head, neck injury, back injury, burns, broken bones and paralysis. If you have been injured, a competent Orlando truck accident lawyer can evaluate your needs, including payment for your immediate medical bills, the recovery of lost wages and the continued payment of future medical, surgical and rehabilitation services.

The movement of products and goods throughout the Florida requires thousands of trucks on our streets, roads and highways each day. With so many trucks there is a greater risk of accidents from drunk truck drivers, careless driving, defective brakes, tires, or poorly maintained vehicles. If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident, fill out the online form at no cost to you. Or call 844-FL TRIAL MD for your free consultation.

18-Wheeler Accident Laws

Whenever a person or company operates large commercial vehicles, those over 10,000 pounds, Florida and our federal government require compliance with additional laws. Such a big rig, semi-tractor trailer and 18-wheeler can easily cause serious injury or death. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations covers every aspect of commercial trucks and are intended to protect individuals and families on our roads. As Orlando 18-wheeler accident lawyers, we are familiar with these rules and can use them to help prove a careless truck driver and the truck company was responsible for the collision and all the harm that resulted.

At Florida Trial MD, we are ready to help – especially when contacted early. When a crash happens, the driver contacts his company and often a special accident investigation team is deployed. While the innocent driver and family members are still in shock, the truck corporation is planning how to defend itself and its driver. That is why it is so important to contact experienced lawyers right away. At FL Trial MD, we strive to get truck accident victim’s justice.

Over the course of a year, thousands will suffer injury or have their lives taken needlessly. Our truck accident research and experience has uncovered a number of causes of these wrecks. Driver fatigue is often a cause in long-distance hauling cases. Roll-over incidents may involve over-loading or improper placement of cargo. While many incidents result from unsafe operation of the vehicle or failure to consider the length, size or weight of the trailers. Such carelessness can also lead to under-ride crashes, jackknife collisions or damage to adjacent property.

When you contact Florida Trial MD, we will determine what parties are at fault and responsible. It may be the truck driver, his employer, the owner of the truck, the lessor of the truck, the owner or lessor of the trailer, the company that loaded the trailer or the truck or perhaps the manufacturer of the truck or its parts. These are complicated matters that demand attention to detail. Similarly, one or all of these parties may have liability insurance that benefits you or your family.

Sadly, when companies put profits ahead of people, employees are under pressure to do whatever it takes to get the job done – even if it means endangering the public. Needless injury has occurred because drivers are working too many hours or trying to speed along to satisfy arbitrary deadlines. Some drivers have been found to be drinking while driving. Of course, when alcohol is involved and a DUI charge results, there may well be justification to seek punitive damages to help deter such conduct in the future. Certainly, a drunk, behind the wheel of a vehicle with a weight in excess of 10,000 pounds, speeding down Florida highways or community streets will destroy any SUV, car or pick-up truck in its path.

When a truck accident strikes you or your family, do not delay in seeking out well-qualified trial lawyers.

Call us now at 844-FL TRIAL MD (844-358-7425) to learn how we can help, or fill out our Free Evaluation Form on this page.

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