How To Win Your Orlando Car Accident Case

Success in your Orlando car accident case depends on what you do NOW. Winning is largely under your control in traffic accident claims. How you conduct yourself within the first days and weeks after your injury will have a dramatic impact on the value of your accident case. Below are solid steps you can take to greatly improve your chances of getting a fair settlement offer. Never lose sight that the insurance company for the person who received the traffic ticket will try to pay you as little as possible.

First: Immediately report the accident by calling the police. Law enforcement officers will arrive at the crash scene and prepare an accident report that should explain and diagram how the accident happened, document the parties and witnesses, and list the insurance information for those individuals involved and the owners of the motor vehicles. That is important because under Florida law an owner may also have responsibility for the injury and property damage caused by a careless driver.

Second: Photograph your car and the other driver’s car at the scene. Many people do not think to photograph the other vehicle involved. Those photos can be very important in claims where damage to your vehicle may appear minimal while the damage to the other car seems significant. By photographing the scene, skid marks, broken glass and other road debris can convey the magnitude of the crash. Obviously, photographs will document the color, make and model of the cars or trucks at the scene.

Third: If you are hurt badly or confused, wait for emergency medical personnel to examine you. Otherwise, seek a medical evaluation promptly. Of course, always follow your doctor’s recommendation for treatment, medication and necessary tests. Or seek second opinions from specialists – especially if you do not find yourself getting better. Florida law now requires that you obtain medical treatment within the first 14 days after your accident in order to receive important auto insurance benefits.

Fourth: Put a TRIAL SPECIALIST on your side NOW. Hiring a Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer very soon after your accident may level the playing field for you. The insurance companies have teams of lawyers on their side before your accident happened. The insurance company and their attorneys can take action on your claim the moment they receive notice of it. If you want the protection and peace of mind for any serious injury claim, you do not want to go it alone. Remember, we only charge a fee if we recover money for you. So, calling our office or completing an online Get Help Now Form is absolutely FREE.

Fifth: Never sign any insurance company forms without knowing what you are signing. Better still; always speak with a specialist before signing anything related to your injury claims. In addition, do NOT provide a recorded statement to car insurance adjusters. They may try to convince you that giving a recorded statement about the crash and your injury or damage will “make things go quicker.” Unfortunately, giving a statement without an attorney to point out significant issues and insurance company tactics may prove fatal to your case. Of course, if you agree to a low settlement figure without understanding the true value of your claim or the full extent of your damages, you may be forever prevented from obtaining a just result.

Sixth: Social media sites are not your friends. Adjusters and their lawyers can get access to Facebook, MySpace and Twitter to obtain information about you. Do not post anything about your accident – No scene or vehicle photos and no comments at all about the collision. In fact, you should scrutinize any photos or comments which may put you in a “bad” light to a potential jury. Of course, when your case is over you may enjoy these sites again.

Following these steps will help protect you from insurance company tricks. Choosing a Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer will help protect you from lawyers who have no business handling your important car or truck accident case. Please let us know if you have been in an accident and you would like our help.

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